ILM has been a constant innovator in visual effects, especially digital. The Abyss featured the first 3D modeling of water, and Terminator 2 's was a huge.
The definitive oral history of ILM, the special effects powerhouse that revolutionized moviemaking and changed entertainment forever.
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Alex Jaeger art director : You would go down this really steep stairwell—down into this little dark, windowless room. List of surviving silent film actors. History of American comics. Trivia [ bewerken ]. Maar hoe betrouwbaar zijn de overleveringen dat deze eigenlijk als bewijs kunnen dienen? He had to stand there, like being crucified, while makeup artists carefully painted all these lines on him so we could re-create everything on the computer. So he contacted Triple-I , known for their early computer effects in movies like Westworld and Futureworld , which ended up making a computer generated test of five X-Wing fighters flying in formation.